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- for outside surfacing PP-6-01 PP-6-02 PP-6-03 PP-6-03M PP-6-04 PP-7
PP-7-01 PP-7-02 PP-8 PP-9S

- for inside surfacing PP-12 PP-12-01 PP-14 PP-15

- for special purpose PP-9L PP-21 PP-21-01 PP-25

PP-6-03M Universal PTA torch for outside and inside surfacing with two powder feeding systems


PP-6-03M PTA torch is designed for outside and inside PTA surfacing of different parts with two powder feeding systems.

It is possible to deposit Fe-, Ni- and Co-based alloys on working faces to protect them against wear, corrosion etc.

PP-6-03M PTA torch has two powder feeding systems annular inner distributed powder feeding system and 2-ports feeding system. They work as independently as together

One of systems provides uniformly distributed annular powder feeding by means of plasma nozzle slots. Another system provides the powder feeding through 2 opposite ports in the focusing nozzle. Owing to this it is possible to surface the coarse high-melting powders using annular inner distribution system and thin low-melting powders using 2-ports system. Using 2-ports feeding system in order to decrease the powder losses and to improve the bead formation the additional stabilizing gas flow in the PTA torch is used. This stabilizing gas flow increases the stability of arc burning and provides more favourable trajectories of the powder in the arc.

The PTA torch allows to feed at the same time two types of powder from two powder feeders, which melted in a welding pool will provide the receipt of a new type of alloy.

Very effectively to use this PTA torch for hardfacing the composite alloys using separate feeding of the hardening and matrix materials.

It consists of two parts - PTA torch and holder with horizontal arrangement of communications.

The PTA torch is attached to the holder by supply tubes and fixed by four screws. This original attachment unit permits to connect or disconnect the PTA torch for service very quickly and take aside from the hot surfacing zone all its service lines.

Pure argon (99,995% Ar) is used as a working gas.

The PTA torch complete set includes two plasma nozzles 4,0 and 5,0 mm and focusing nozzle 8,0 mm. Necessary combination of nozzles is selected according to required power and concentration of plasma arc (see Table I.).

I. Recommended combination of nozzles

Outlet size: plasma/focusing nozzle, mm/mm Main working parameters Powder particle size, mkm
Transferred arc current, A Gas flow rate, L/min
plasma transport shielding inner system 2-ports system
inner system 2-ports system
4 / 8 80 - 200 2,0 4,0 4,0 8,0 100 - 200 53 - 150
5 / 8 100 - 300 2,5 4,0 4,0 10,0 100 - 200 53 - 150

II. Technical data of PP-6-03M PTA torch

Current of pilot arc, A 30 - 50
Current of transferred arc, A 30 - 300
Current direct
Polarity direct
Additive powder deposition rate, kg/h 0,5 - 8,0
Powder feeding system internal and
Powder particle size, mkm:  
annular inner distributed powder feeding system
100 - 200
2-ports feeding system
53 - 150
Powder losses, % < 5
Total gas flow rate (argon), l/min 16 - 19
Cooling water flow rate, l/min > 4
Diameter x height, mm 58 206
Weight without holder(with holder), kg 1,8 (3,3)
Inside diameter to be surfaced, mm > 160
Inner length to be surfaced with standard holder, mm < 400
III. PP-6-03M PTA Torch schematic view scheme
Example of application

- for outside surfacing PP-6-01 PP-6-02 PP-6-03 PP-6-03M PP-6-04 PP-7
PP-7-01 PP-7-02 PP-8 PP-9S

- for inside surfacing PP-12 PP-12-01 PP-14 PP-15

- for special purpose PP-9L PP-21 PP-21-01 PP-25



Exteriors and technical data of equipment could slightly differ from above mentioned due to the permanent development.

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