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PTA system for automated surfacing with CNC control

Welding mechanical oscillator


Compact plasma torch for outer surfacing of small-sized parts

Powder feeder

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Plasma-Master facility

The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and has industrial scientific profile. The Company unites scientists and engineers from the Paton Electric Welding Institute with a rich experience of scientific investigation and industrial developments.

The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. has powerful manufacturing section. It has modern surfacing, welding and mechanical equipment. There are more than 40 pcs. This makes it to be able to perform the most responsible requests.

The staff of the Company is more than 45 persons.

The main ways of activity:

  1. Development and application of new technological processes of plasma transferred arc (PTA) surfacing method;
  2. Development and manufacturing of PTA equipment;
  3. Development of plasma torches for PTA-process;
  4. Reconditioning and repair of machine parts by welding and surfacing using the own production facilities;
  5. Rendering of consultation services on selection of technologies and materials for welding production;
  6. Modernisation of standard equipment and its adaptation to the production conditions and needs of the Client.

The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd cooperates with research institutes of Ukraine, first of all with the Paton welding institute, and has a broad range of foreign contacts.

The attentive business relations with the Client and taking into account all the newest developments of welding science and engineering in our activity allows us to look in the future bravely.


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