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PTA system for automated surfacing with CNC control

Welding mechanical oscillator


Compact plasma torch for outer surfacing of small-sized parts

Powder feeder

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About us: partners
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The Plasma-Master Co., Ltd. cooperates with many research institutes, companies and factories both in Ukraine and abroad.

The main partners:

Jinan Haitong Welding Technology Co., Ltd. (China) is a professional agent for the famous welding equipment corporations around the world. Specialized in Welding, Machine Design of Nonstandard, Software Development, Automatization and otherwise.
ARC Specialties (USA). Design and building of automated manufacturing systems and custom equipment for welding, joining, overlay and cladding applications.
The E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute (PEWI) (Ukraine). Realizes fundamental and applied research works, develops technologies, materials, equipment and control systems, rational welded structures and weldments, methods and equipment for diagnostics and non-destructive quality control.
Institut fur Fuge- und Strahltechnik
Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat (Germany).
UAB "Dangu inzinerijos centras" (Lithuania). Manufacture and renewal of industrial equipment components. Welding, PTA-surfacing, thermal spraying HVOF, AC-HVAF, ARC-HVAF.
PLASMA TEAM (Italy). Special equipments for welding. Research and development of welding technologies.
Sungchang Trading Co. (Korea). Distributor and importer in Korea of special welding consumbales and equipment.
ELKREM (Poland). Distributor and importer in Poland of special welding, surfacing and brazing equipment. Manufacture and renewal of industrial equipment components.
Ruma-Dem-Kiev (Serbia). Distributor and importer in Serbia of special welding and surfacing equipment. Renewal of industrial equipment components.
InnovEco Australia (Australia). Supply and service support for mining, energy, engineering, water treatment and defence sectors. Innovative solutions and ecologically-friendly technologies. Thermoelectric modules.
"POLEMA" JSC (Russia). Metal powders, sintered materials, chromium, rolled stock of refractory and other metals.
"Ecotechnology" Company (Ukraine). Welding materials, equipment and technologies.
The PATON WELDING JOURNAL (Ukraine). Iinformation in the field of technologies, equipment and materials for welding, surfacing, brazing, and deposition of protective coatings.
"Welder" Journal (Ukraine). Welding materials, equipment and technologies, news in the area of welding and related processes.




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