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PTA system for automated surfacing with CNC control

Welding mechanical oscillator


Compact PTA torch for outer surfacing of small-sized parts

Powder feeder

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PM-150M - PTA system for manual and semi-automatic surfacing (4th generation)


The PM-150M system is designed for manual and semi-automatic PTA surfacing of different parts to protect them against wear, corrosion etc.

The PTA torch operates only with plasma transferred arc which burns between a non-melting tungsten electrode and work piece.
It is possible to deposit Fe-, Ni-, and Co- based alloys on working and faceplate surfaces.

Pure argon is used as a working gas. There is an optional ability to use a gas mix (95%argon + 5% hydrogen) for the shielding improvement. The operating conditions of the system (argon or gas mix usage) assigns by operator with the aid of the PLC.

PM-150M system designed on mobile trolley.

PM-150M system especially effective for surfacing of complicated curvilinear surfaces in handicraft job-shop industry, machinery parts renewal or new one production.

Also you can see this video here.

PM-150M complete set:
Control box (control system based on PLC)
with 7" touch-screen display
Remote-control station
Manual PTA torch PP-25 with cables(2.5 m length)
Powder feeder
Water chiller
Welding power source
Mobile trolley


PP-25 manual PTA torch

Remote-control station

Remote-control station

PM-150M Technical data:

Mains voltage and frequency 1х220(230) V, 50/60 Hz
Pilot arc current 20 A
Transferred arc current
(150A 100% duty cycle)
30 - 150 A
Working gas Ar
(95%Ar + 5%H2)
Hopper capacity 3.5 l (15 kg)
Total gas flow rate < 15 L/min
Powder particle size 63 - 150 mkm
Surfacing productivity up to 3 kg/h
Cooling water flow rate > 2 l/min
Weight 140 kg

Control system provides:

  • Programming and flexible resetting of welding cycle and optional peripheral equipment operating.
  • Noncontact ignition of the arc
  • Adjust upslope of current and powder rate at start of process
  • Adjust downslope of current at the end
  • Automatic switching the pilot arc
  • Remote control of arc current and powder flow rate
  • Ability to connect and control the peripheral equipment by PLC.

The control system of PM-150M designed on a PLC.

Due to availability of the PLC it is possible to use PM-150M as an automatic system.

For this purpose additional machine PTA torches are provided.


PM-150M PTA system adapted for hardfcaing of small valves

Example of the system for hardfacing of small parts for stop valve in automatic mode.


PM-150M PTA system with robot

This photo shows robotic set-up at TMC Poland (Poland) for hardfacing of different parts in automatic mode.

PM-150M PTA system adapted for hardfacing of diesel valves with using of PP-7 PTA torch

At the photo you can see the PM-150M adapted for hardfacing of diesel valves in automatic mode. The PTA torch with mechanical oscillator is installed on stand with capability of vertical moving.

Length travel of the PTA torch is provided by the oscillator carriage in range of
100 mm. It is possible to hardface with this equipment faceplate, cylindrical and conical surfaces of different outsize parts. Control all mechanisms is provided from one remote-control station.

PM-150M PTA system adapted for surfacing of cylindrical details with using of PP-12 PTA torch

Example of the system for surfacing of bore with length up to 700 mm and inner diameter above 100 mm.

Typical applications:

Extruder screws components
Gas turbine vanes
Glass molds
Stamping tool
Knife blades


PM-150М · PM-300 · PM-300M · PM-301 · PM-302 · PM-303 · PM-304 · PM-307


Exteriors and technical data of equipment could slightly differ from above mentioned due to the permanent development.

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