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PTA system for automated surfacing with CNC control

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Compact PTA torch for outer surfacing of small-sized parts

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PM-150М · PM-300 · PM-300M · PM-301 · PM-302 · PM-303 · PM-304 · PM-307

PM-300M - PTA system for semi-automatic and manual surfacing (2nd generation)


PM-300M with one powder feeder


PM-300M with two powder feeders

PM-300M system is designed for semi-automatic and manual PTA surfacing of different parts to protect them against wear, corrosion etc.

The PTA torch operates only with plasma transferred arc which burns between a non-melting tungsten electrode and work piece.

As an additive material the fine-grained powder of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other alloys on Fe, Ni and Co base is used.

Pure argon (99,995% Ar) is used as working gas. In some cases for improvement shielding of welding pool and prevention of possible pores formation in a deposited metal it is possible to use as a shielding gas a mixture of an argon with a hydrogen (95%Ar + 5%H2).

PM-300M complete set:

  • Control box (control system based on PLC);
  • Remote control station;
  • Machine PTA torch with cables (5 m length);
  • Powder feeder;
  • Water chiller;
  • Welding power source.

  • PM-300M Technical data:

    Mains voltage and frequency 3х380(400) V,
    50/60 Hz
    Transferred arc current
    (300A 100% duty cycle)
    30 - 300 A
    Working gas Ar
    (95%Ar + 5%H2)
    Total gas flow rate < 20 L/min
    Cooling water flow rate > 2 l/min
    Powder particle size 63 - 200 mkm
    Hopper capacity 3.5 l (15 kg)
    Surfacing productivity 0,5 - 8,0 kg/h
    Control box
    600x550x1400 mm
    Remote control station
    195x150x70 mm
    Water chiller
    980x640x680 mm
    TOTAL WEIGHT 180 kg

    Control system provides:

    • Programming and flexible resetting of welding cycle;
    • Noncontact ignition of the arc;
    • Adjust upslope of current and powder rate at start of process;
    • Adjust downslope of current at the end;
    • Automatic switching the pilot arc;
    • Remote control of arc current and powder flow rate.

    PM-150М · PM-300 · PM-300M · PM-301 · PM-302 · PM-303 · PM-304 · PM-307


    Exteriors and technical data of equipment could slightly differ from above mentioned due to the permanent development.

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