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PM-301 - PTA system for automated surfacing of drilling bit legs


The PM-301 PTA system is designed for automated surfacing of surfacing of drilling bit legs. Surfacing is carried out by the high temperature constricted arc, formed by the PTA torch with nonconsumable tungsten electrode. As an additive material the fine-grained powder of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other alloys on Fe, Ni and Co base is used.

Hardware configuration could be changed according to Customer requests and possible geometrical or technological peculiarities of surfacing.

The special PP-21-01 PTA torch was developed for the

PM-301 PTA system. It has distinctive small thickness flat design, which allows to deposit the drilling bit's supporting surfaces placed sufficiently near the projecture of the bit leg.

(Click for larger image)

The PP-21-01 PTA torch is functioning on direct polarity current in the range of 20-150А. The transfer arc (elecrode - workpiece) is forming in PTA torch under the normal working conditions. The pilot arc (elecrode - nozzle) is used for easing of the transfer arc ignition. The ancillary pilot arc is stimulated by the ignition unit. The oscillator and the pilot arc become automatically disconnected after the full ignition of transfer arc.

The fixing of part in rotator is providing by the special pneumatic mechanism, placed at the rotary face-plate.

The rotator is able to incline the pivot axis in the angle range of 0...90 degrees, which is suitable for surfacing of the cylindrical drilling bit leg's part.

(Click for larger image)
Special pneumatic mechanism for fixing of the drilling bit leg

PM-301 PTA system consists of:
  • surfacing unit with the PP-21-01 PTA torch;
  • control box (control system based on PLC);
  • remote control station;
  • welding power source;
  • stand;
  • electrically driven turntable;
  • rotator with inclining axis;
  • water chiller.


Drilling bit legs

Drilling bit legs

Drilling bit legs

PM-301 PTA system technical data

Mains voltage and frequency 3x380 V, 50/60 Hz
Transferred arc current (direct polarity) 30 - 300 А
Plasma, transport and shielding gas Argon, mix
Working gas flow rate < 20 l/min
Cooling water flow rate > 4 l/min
Powder particle size 63 - 160 mkm
Surfacing productivity up to 3 kg/h
Stand with surfacing unit
1450х900х1800 mm
Control box
500х400х1400 mm
Power source
570х300х400 mm
Water cooling device
550х440х340 mm

Works experiense has shown high effectiveness of the PM-301 PTA system and stable accuracy of accepted engineering solutions.

Surfaced sample:

(Click for lager image)

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Exteriors and technical data of equipment could slightly differ from above mentioned due to the permanent development.

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