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PTA system for automated surfacing with CNC control

Welding mechanical oscillator


Compact plasma torch for outer surfacing of small-sized parts

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Personal information
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Dr. Alexander Som
General manager (CEO) of
Plasma-Master Co., Ltd.
Born 1951.
1968-1974 Student of Welding faculty of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
1974-1985 Junior research assistant of E.O.Paton Welding Institute
1985 Defended thesis "Wear-resistant plasma facing of details of machine for reprocessing of polymeric material " for the degree of candidate of technical science
1985-1992 Senior research assistant of E.O.Paton Welding Institute
1992-up till now General manager (CEO) of scientific-production company "Plasma-Master Co. Ltd."
Scientific activities
  • development of new technological processes of plasma transferred arc (PTA) surfacing method (valve seats, screws, cutting and stamping tools, pipeline valves and etc.);

  • development of new technological method - plasma centrifugal surfacing;

  • plasma torches for PTA-process;

  • new alloys for surfacing;

31 publications in scientific journals and collections including 10 the USSR inventors certificate.

Selected publications:

1. Frumin I.I., Som A.I., Gladkiy P.V. Plasma surfacing extruder srews injection machine // Theoretical and technological basics of surfacing. Surfacing in mechanical engineering and repair. - Kiev: PEWI, 1981. - p.13-21.

2. Som A.I., Gladkiy P.V., Perepletchikov E.F. New wear-resistant alloy for plasma surfacing // Surfacing wear-resistant and heat-resistant steels and alloys. Surfacing materials. - Kiev: PWI, 1983. - p.7-11.

3. Gladkiy P.V., Som A.I., Perepletchikov E.F. Centrifugal plasma surfacing // New processes of surfacing. Features of surfaced metal and transition zone. - Kiev: PEWI, 1984. - p.31-34.

4. Inventors certificate 600784 (the USSR). Plasma torch for surfacing by powder additive material // Gladkiy P.V., Som A.I., Perepletchikov E.F., Sarrykin Y.I.

5. Som A.I. New plasma torches for plasma transferred arc surfacing // The Paton Welding Journal. - 1999. - №7. - p.44-48.

6. Som A.I., Krivtsun I.V. Laser+plasma: search for new possibilities in surfacing // The Paton Welding Journal. - 2000. - №12. - 36-41.

7. Som A.I. PTA-surfacing of composite materials // Welding in Siberia. - 2003. - №4. - p.11-15.


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