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Water chiller PM-WC-1000

Water chiller PM-WC-1000 is designed for cooling of the welding torches, the PTA torches and other objects subjected to intensive heat during operation.

Water chille PM-WC-1000 includes following basic units:

  • metallic body
  • vortex pump with distributors of water flows and manometer
  • tank for cooling water with heat exchanger
  • chiller unit
  • A distilled water or special coolant BTC-15 "ABICOR BINZEL" is used as a working fluid. For water injection to the cooling system the vortex pump РКm-60 "PEDROLLO" (Italy) is used. Cooling water is kept in the specified temperature range automatically.

    Freon R410a is used as a refrigerant.

    On the face panel of the PM-WC-1000 there are:

  • double-pole switch
  • power button
  • digital indicator of cooling water temperature with button regulator
  • manometer
  • connecting pipes for input and output of cooling water
  • cooling water level indicator with light
  • Technical data of PM-WC-1000

    Mains voltage and frequency

    1x220 V, 50 Hz

    Power consumption < 1,0 kW
    Cooling water pressure < 0,35 MPa
    Cooling water flow rate 2 - 10 l/min
    Heat removal < 1,0 kW
    Cooling water temperature range 18 - 25 °С
    Tank capacity 10 l
    Refrigerant Freon 410a
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 520х440х360 mm
    Weight without the working fluid 42 kg

    Exteriors and technical data of equipment could slightly differ from above mentioned due to the permanent development.

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